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USS Wisconsin BB-9


USS Wisconsin


USS Wisconsin

Hull #



Ordered: 19 September 1896

Laid down: 9 February 1897

Launched: 26 November 1898


4 February 1901

Sister Ships

Illinois Class

BB-7 USS Illinois

BB-8 USS Alabama

BB-9 USS Wisconsin

History Highlight

Wisconsin, as flagship, Pacific Squadron, with Rear Admiral Silas Casey embarked, arrived at Panama, Colombia, on 30 September 1902, to protect American interests and to preserve the integrity of transit across the isthmus. Casey offered his services as a mediator in the crisis that had lasted for three years and invited leaders of both factions, conservatives and liberals, to meet on board Wisconsin. Over succeeding weeks, through October, and into November, prolonged negotiations ensued. Ultimately, however, the warring sides came to an agreement, and signed a treaty on 21 November 1902. The accord came to be honored, in Colombian circles, as "The Peace of Wisconsin." When Rear Admiral Henry Glass, Admiral Casey's successor as Commander in Chief, Pacific Squadron, wrote his report to the Secretary of the Navy for fiscal year 1903, he lauded his predecessor's diplomatic services during the Panama crisis. "The final settlement of the revolutionary disturbance," Glass wrote approvingly, "was largely due to his efforts."

Her task completed, the battleship departed Panama's waters on 22 November and arrived at San Francisco on 6 December to prepare for gunnery exercises. Four days later, Rear Admiral Casey shifted his flag to the armored cruiser New York, thus releasing Wisconsin from flagship duty for the Pacific Squadron. The battleship consequently carried out her firings until 17 December, when she sailed for Bremerton. reaching the Puget Sound Navy Yard five days before Christmas of 1902, Wisconsin then underwent repairs and alterations until 19 May 1903, when she sailed for the Asiatic Station.

Proceeding via Honolulu, Wisconsin arrived at Yokohama, Japan, on 12 June, with Rear Admiral Yates Stirling embarked; three days later, Rear Admiral Stirling exchanged flagships with Rear Admiral P. H. Cooper who broke his two-starred flag at Wisconsin's main as Commander of the Asiatic Fleet's Northern Squadron while Admiral Stirling hoisted his in the tender Rainbow.

Wisconsin operated in the Far East, with the Asiatic Fleet, over the next three years before she returned to the United States in the autumn of 1906. She followed a normal routine of operations in the northern latitudes of the station -- China and Japan -- in the summer months, because of the oppressive heat of the Philippine Islands that time of year, but in the Philippine Archipelago in the winter. She touched at ports in Japan and China including Kobe, Yokohama, Nagasaki, and Yokoska; Amoy, Shanghai, Chefoo, Nanking, and Taku. In addition, she cruised the Yangtze River as far as Nanking, the Inland Sea, and Nimrod Sound. The battleship conducted assigned fleet maneuvers and exercises off the Chinese and Philippine coasts intervening those evolutions with regular periods of in-port upkeep and repairs. During that time, she served as Asiatic Fleet flagship, wearing the flag of Rear Admiral Cooper.

The battleship departed Yokohama on 20 September and, after calling at Honolulu en route between 3 October and 8 October, arrived at San Francisco on 18 October. After seven days stay at that port, she headed up the west coast and reached the Puget Sound Navy Yard on 28 October. She was decommissioned there on 16 November 1906.


15 May 1920

Final Disposition

Placed out of commission on 15 May 1920, Wisconsin was reclassified BB-9 on 17 July 1920, while awaiting disposition. She was sold for scrap on 26 January 1922 as a result of the Washington Naval Treaty.

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General characteristics


12,150 tons full load


374 ft


72 ft


25 ft


16 knots (18 mph/30 km/h)


52 officers and 765 enlisted


4 13-inch (330 mm) guns

14 6-inch (152 mm) guns

16 6 pounders

6 1 pounders

4 x .30-caliber machine guns

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